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Clinical Email Marketing Software

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Communicate Via Email

Centralise email communication from various addresses into a single, streamlined platform for effortless management and enhanced efficiency in handling multiple email accounts.

Choose Your Clinics Email Newsletter Editor

Select from our user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor or the advanced HTML editor. Tailor your email campaigns effortlessly, catering to both novice users and those seeking advanced customisation options for a seamless and versatile experience.

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Create Your Own Clinics Templates

Utilise our email builder to craft personalised templates, saving time and ensuring consistency across all communications. Elevate your brand presence with professional and cohesive email designs effortlessly.

Easy, Drag & Drop Email Builder

Leverage our drag-and-drop email builder featuring innovative elements and distinctive designs. Simplify your email creation process while ensuring a visually captivating and unique presentation that captivates your audience.

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Send, Schedule, Batch, or RSS Feed

Select your preferred delivery method: send via custom email, schedule in advance, or automate with an RSS feed. Tailor your communication strategy to fit your needs seamlessly and efficiently.

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schedule sate and time email clinic software
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Email Reporting

Leverage comprehensive reporting for your email campaigns. Identify issues and solutions effortlessly with in-depth analytics, providing valuable insights to optimise your strategy and enhance campaign performance.

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  • "Do I need any tech skills to use Aesthetic Clinic Pro?"
    Not at all! We've designed the platform to be user-friendly, even for not-so-tech-savvy people. Our intuitive interface and features make it easy to manage your clinic's day-to-day operations, automate marketing and sales, and retain loyal clients.
  • "Can Aesthetic Clinic Pro be customised to fit clinics of any size?"
    Absolutely! Whether you're a small clinic or a large Med Spa, our platform includes a range of customizable features that you can tailor to your specific needs and preferences. From forms and task managers to reporting tools and beyond, Aesthetic Clinic Pro can help you provide the best possible service to your patients, no matter the size of your clinic.
  • "Can Aesthetic Clinic Pro help me with online marketing?"
    Yes! Our platform includes a range of online marketing tools designed specifically for med spas. From social media scheduling to SEO-friendly web design, custom-built websites, and Google business profile enhancement, our tools will help you attract new clients and grow your business online.
  • "Is Aesthetic Clinic Pro secure and compliant with industry standards?"
    Yes! We take the security and privacy of your patient data seriously. Our platform is built with advanced security measures to ensure that your data is safe and compliant with industry standards like HIPAA. We also offer regular software updates and support to help you stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices.
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Experience Unmatched Efficiency with Our Advanced Email Software

Our innovative email software is a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your communication strategies and streamline operations. Packed with an array of features, it revolutionizes how businesses manage and engage through emails, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Unified Inbox for Simplified Management: Say goodbye to the chaos of juggling multiple inboxes. Our software offers a unified inbox, consolidating emails from various accounts into a single, easy-to-navigate interface. This unified setup ensures seamless organization and quick access to all your communications without toggling between multiple platforms. Effortless Integration: Seamlessly integrate all your email accounts, regardless of the provider, into our platform. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or other services, our software provides a cohesive environment, allowing you to manage and respond to emails from different accounts in one place. Customized Filters and Labels: Tailor your email organization with customizable filters and labels. Categorize emails based on priority, clients, projects, or any criteria you choose. These personalized labels streamline navigation, making it effortless to locate and prioritize essential emails, thus optimizing your workflow. Smart Search and Archiving Capabilities: Navigate through your archived emails effortlessly using our smart search feature. Easily find old or archived emails using keywords, dates, or sender details. This efficient search functionality saves time, ensuring that no crucial information gets lost in the archives. Enhanced Security and Protection: Protect sensitive information and maintain confidentiality with our robust security features. Our software implements advanced encryption protocols and security measures to safeguard your emails and attachments, providing you peace of mind in a secure communication environment. Scheduled Sending and Automated Responses: Maximize productivity with scheduled email sending and automated responses. Plan and schedule emails to be sent at specific times or set up automatic replies for when you're away. These features ensure prompt responses and timely communication with clients and colleagues. Analytics and Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights into your email performance with analytics. Track open rates, click-through rates, and user engagement metrics to refine your email strategies. These insights empower you to optimize your communication approaches for maximum impact. In essence, our email software isn't just a platform; it's a dynamic solution that centralizes, secures, and optimizes your email communication. From unified inboxes to personalized organization and enhanced security, it's a comprehensive toolset designed to propel your business's communication strategies to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

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