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Multi Use Calendar Software

Create 6 Different Types

Craft six diverse calendar types with an array of customisation options tailored to the unique needs of a clinic's business. Personalise schedules, appointments, and events to suit the clinic's specific requirements, ensuring optimal organisation and efficiency.

preview of calendar types
preview of calendar types
preview of desktop booking view
preview of mobile calendar booking

Live Calendar Links

Generate live calendar links for potential clients, enabling them to view availability effortlessly. This minimises administrative tasks, streamlines booking processes, and reduces unnecessary communication, ensuring a smoother and more efficient appointment scheduling experience.

View, Filter by Location, Staff, Calendar

Easily view and filter your calendar by location, staff, and specific calendar categories. Streamline your scheduling process by organising and accessing appointments with precision, ensuring efficient management and optimisation of your calendar.

preview of a booked calendar
scheduling appointments on the mobile app

View On The Mobile App

Effortlessly edit, manage, and oversee all your clinics calendars directly from the Aesthetic Clinic Pro mobile app. Stay in control of scheduling, ensuring seamless management and accessibility wherever you are.

Embed Calendars On Your Clinic's Website

Seamlessly embed any of your calendars onto your website, offering clients the convenience of self-booking. Empower your audience with the flexibility to schedule appointments directly, enhancing user experience and simplifying the booking process.

preview of live calendar on website
set meeting intervals and scheduling notices
calendar settings

Advanced Availability

Tailor your availability precisely by customising specific dates or recurring weekly schedules within any calendar. Ideal for remote work or rented spaces, this feature enables you to optimise scheduling according to your unique operational needs.

Get Notified

Stay updated on client actions instantly within the Aesthetic Clinic Pro mobile app. Receive real-time notifications for booked, canceled, or rescheduled appointments, ensuring prompt awareness and enabling swift adjustments to your schedule.

notified in communication channel
google calendar integration
ical integration
outlook calendar integration

Sync To Your Email Calendar

Effortlessly sync any of your calendars with your staff members' personal calendars, seamlessly blocking out availability across both platforms. This synchronization ensures unified scheduling and prevents conflicting appointments, promoting efficient time management.

Clinic Calendar Analysis

Empower smarter decision-making using Aesthetic Clinic Pro's calendar analytics. Monitor no-show and cancellation rates, facilitating a deeper understanding of appointment trends and aiding in diagnosing potential scheduling issues for more informed decision-making.

preview of calendar reporting
preview of payment for deposits or full payment before booking

Add Payments to Calendars

Activate payment options to secure either full payments or deposits before clients book through a live link. This feature ensures commitment and streamlines the booking process, enhancing the reliability of scheduled appointments.

  • "Do I need any tech skills to use Aesthetic Clinic Pro?"
    Not at all! We've designed the platform to be user-friendly, even for not-so-tech-savvy people. Our intuitive interface and features make it easy to manage your clinic's day-to-day operations, automate marketing and sales, and retain loyal clients.
  • "Can Aesthetic Clinic Pro be customised to fit clinics of any size?"
    Absolutely! Whether you're a small clinic or a large Med Spa, our platform includes a range of customizable features that you can tailor to your specific needs and preferences. From forms and task managers to reporting tools and beyond, Aesthetic Clinic Pro can help you provide the best possible service to your patients, no matter the size of your clinic.
  • "Can Aesthetic Clinic Pro help me with online marketing?"
    Yes! Our platform includes a range of online marketing tools designed specifically for med spas. From social media scheduling to SEO-friendly web design, custom-built websites, and Google business profile enhancement, our tools will help you attract new clients and grow your business online.
  • "Is Aesthetic Clinic Pro secure and compliant with industry standards?"
    Yes! We take the security and privacy of your patient data seriously. Our platform is built with advanced security measures to ensure that your data is safe and compliant with industry standards like HIPAA. We also offer regular software updates and support to help you stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices.
advanced ai booking

Clinical Scheduling: Aesthetic Clinic Pro's Advanced Calendar Software

Aesthetic Clinic Pro's innovative calendar software presents an all-encompassing solution tailored explicitly for clinics, revolutionizing the appointment scheduling and management process. This sophisticated software suite boasts an array of features designed to streamline and optimize scheduling, offering an unparalleled level of efficiency and convenience to med spas. The software's core functionality allows for the creation of six different calendar types, each customizable to meet the unique needs of med spas. With this flexibility, clinics can personalize appointments, events, and schedules to align perfectly with their specific requirements, ensuring optimal organization and seamless management of bookings. The software's live calendar link feature simplifies the scheduling process for potential clients, providing instant access to view availability. This significantly reduces administrative burdens, minimizes communication backlogs, and enhances the overall booking experience, resulting in a smoother process for both the clinic and its clientele. Moreover, the software empowers med spas with precise view and filter options, enabling effortless navigation through calendars by location, staff, or specific categories. This precision allows for streamlined management and optimization of schedules, ensuring organized operations and efficient appointment handling. Accessibility is key in today's fast-paced world, and Aesthetic Clinic Pro's mobile app facilitates remote access to calendar management. Users can effortlessly edit, manage, and oversee all med spa calendars directly from the mobile app, ensuring seamless management regardless of location. For an enhanced user experience, the software enables the seamless embedding of calendars into the med spa's website. This feature grants clients the convenience of self-booking appointments directly through the site, resulting in improved user satisfaction and simplified appointment scheduling. The software's advanced availability customization allows clinics to tailor their schedules precisely. Specific date modifications or recurring weekly scheduling options cater to unique operational needs, particularly for remote work or rented spaces, offering flexibility and optimization. Real-time notifications keep clinics updated on client actions, providing instant alerts for booked, canceled, or rescheduled appointments via the mobile app. Additionally, the synchronization of calendars with staff members' personal calendars prevents scheduling conflicts, ensuring efficient time management. The software's analytical capabilities offer insights through data-driven decision-making. Monitoring no-show and cancellation rates aids in identifying appointment trends, enabling clinics to diagnose scheduling issues and make informed decisions to optimize operations. Lastly, the integration of secure payment options enhances reliability by securing full payments or deposits before client bookings. This feature streamlines the booking process and ensures client commitment, further improving appointment reliability. Aesthetic Clinic Pro's calendar software transforms scheduling for med spas, offering a comprehensive suite of features that streamline appointment management, optimize operations, and elevate the client experience.

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