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Best Aesthetic Pre-Treatment Information Example For Med Spas

aesthetic pre-treatment form example

Pre-treatment instructions are a critical component of any aesthetic procedure. They provide patients with essential information and guidelines to prepare for their treatment, ensuring safety, efficacy, and optimal outcomes. Here are key elements to include in a comprehensive pre-treatment instructions form:

1. Treatment Overview:

  • Explain the intended procedure in detail, including its purpose, expected results, and potential risks or side effects.

  • Clarify what the patient should expect during and after the treatment.

2. Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

  • Dietary restrictions: Advise if fasting or avoiding specific foods or drinks is necessary before the procedure.

  • Medication adjustments: Provide instructions regarding any medications that should be stopped or adjusted before the treatment.

  • Skincare routine: Guidance on skincare products or routines to follow or avoid pre-treatment.

3. Physical Preparations:

  • Clothing recommendations: Suggest appropriate attire to wear on the day of the procedure for comfort and ease.

  • Arrival time: Specify when the patient should arrive at the clinic to allow for necessary preparations.

4. Post-Treatment Care:

  • Recovery instructions: Detailed information on activities to avoid, post-procedure care routines, and anticipated recovery timelines.

  • Contact information: Provide emergency contact details or instructions in case of unexpected reactions or concerns.

5. Consent and Acknowledgment:

  • Signature: Include a section for the patient to acknowledge that they have read and understood the pre-treatment instructions.

6. Follow-Up Information:

  • Schedule a follow-up appointment: Encourage patients to book a follow-up visit to assess their progress and address any concerns post-treatment.

Conclusion: Pre-treatment instructions are pivotal in ensuring a smooth and successful aesthetic procedure. By following these guidelines, patients can adequately prepare themselves, minimize risks, and optimize their treatment outcomes.

Always remember, that these instructions should be customized to suit specific treatments and individual patient needs. Clear communication and patient education are key to a successful aesthetic procedure.

The information should be adjusted based on the specific treatments offered and should align with local regulations and best practices in your aesthetic industry.

Outline Example of Pre-treatment Information


  • Purpose of the Document

  • Importance of Pre-Treatment Information

Treatment Overview

  • Description of the Procedure

  • Expected Results

  • Possible Risks and Side Effects

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

  • Dietary Recommendations

  • Medication Instructions

  • Skincare Regimen Pre-Treatment

Physical Preparation

  • Clothing Suggestions

  • Arrival Time and Check-In Process

Post-Treatment Care

  • Recovery Instructions

  • Activities to Avoid

  • Post-Procedure Skincare Guidelines

  • Expected Recovery Timeline

Consent and Acknowledgment

  • Emergency Contact Details

  • Clinic Contact Information

Follow-Up and Additional Information

  • Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

  • Additional Instructions or Information


  • Encouragement to Follow Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Assurance of Support and Assistance

This outline serves as a structured guide to include essential components in a pre-treatment information document for aesthetic procedures. It's crucial to adapt and customize the details according to the specific treatment offered and the clinic's practices while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.


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